How can B2B benefit from modern marketing?

New technology has revolutionized advertising on the consumer side. Now the turn has come for B2B, where personalized messages and automated communications are becoming more common, says Torbjörn Briggert, Strategist at Sitrus.

Three simple tips for Corporate Storytelling

In a time when your brand message has to compete with Netflix, YouTubers, and funny cat memes corporate storytelling is a way to go. But how does it work and where do I start? We get things sorted and give you three simple tips on how to make your brand a leading star.

Make good content count

Are you planning to start a campaign? If so, you’ll be better off working out just what drives your customers, finding out their needs, and understanding their behavior instead of focusing on details like zip codes, age categories, and average incomes.

When customer service costs extra

More companies are choosing to make customers pay extra for the basic service they have always received. But these companies risk damaging their brands when customers don't get the service level they have grown to expect.

Everyday luxury at Sitrus

For a strategist working at an agency it is a privilege to visit customers and experience their everyday life. But it's also a must if you are to understand and describe their business and offering.

The unexpected return of silent movies

It all started when Facebook introduced its video auto-play function. In just a few years, this function has come to change the way we watch movies.

Brands, for better or worse

When you think about brands, it is easy just to consider the ones with which you have a good relationship: those you like and identify with, that confirm you as the person you want to be.

Passion: an essential ingredient of good content

Deirdre Doyle on collecting stories at the 2015 Nordic World Ski Championships.

Transmedia storytelling: moving from message to experience

Pixie Sartang on creating content that’s captivating.

How should we react to Facebook’s new Reactions?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave deep inside a rainforest in the middle of nowhere with no internet access, you’ll probably have heard of, seen, or even used Facebook’s Reactions, an extension of