Kvibille Ostbod, is a cheese shop, and part of the Kvibille dairy brand journey that began at the end of 2015 to reposition the brand as a premium.

The aim of the shop was to create a physical location for the brand; a place where consumers, tourists and cheese lovers can experience Kvibille’s history, and enjoy tasting Kvibille cheeses. Rather appropriately, the shop is located in Kvibille village ,at the Gästgivaregården inn - and is a collaboration between Arla Foods (Kvibille dairy) and Gästgivaregården.

Time and passion are two key ingredients when making Kvibille cheese. Genuine craftsmanship and a tie to it´s geographic region in Halland are also important components in the company’s rich heritage. Skilled local craftsmen constructed the shop using natural materials of the highest quality.