A picture can really say more than a thousand words. At least if you start with the words. When Ikano Bank needed new pictures for their image bank we used storytelling as the tool for creating emotion and engagement.  

A large photo project often start with the practicalities. Models are booked, locations are chosen and props are organised. When Ikano Bank came to us to order new pictures for their marketing material around savings and loans, we chose a different starting point. We wrote a story about a family in a house outside Malmö, with two teen-age kids and dreams about a greenhouse in the garden.

This made it possible for us to choose environments and situations based on the characters that felt natural and would evoke dreams in the viewers. Dreams that Ikano Bank can realise through their financial services. We could also use the imagery to create narratives. Things like the renovation of a kitchen, from planning at the kitchen table to choosing tiles and the first dinner with friends in the finished kitchen.

Over time the project also comprised card services and corporate leasing. So far we have delivered 200 images for usage in Direct Mail, newsletters and online.  

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