Kvibille is a brand of cheese manufactured by Arla Foods. It is the only company in Sweden to produce blue cheese and cheddar cheese. Time, passion and genuine craftsmanship has always been an important part of the dairy's 100-year history and today is its hallmark.


Kvibille are at the beginning of a transformational journey and want to reposition the brand as a premium food product. Sitrus’ task was to develop a comprehensive strategy, communication concept, as well as different communication activities.


Sitrus developed a communication concept in which time and passion was a core component. Time is a vital ingredient when making cheese, genuine passion for craftsmanship another. Kvibille has required both these ingredients in its cheese since the company’s inception back in 1928. Since it is the people at the dairy that create passion in the brand, we let them tell us what makes Kvibille cheese so unique. The campaign included a 90-second movie. While the film was launched on the web and on Kvibilles own site Ålskade ost, there was a shorter version of the film shown on YouTube. During the same period, people all over Sweden witnessed an outdoor advertising campaign.