Based on the proud company history where Snickers have developed new technology for workwear, they are now starting the first project around wearable technology.

Snickers Workwear have manufactured high quality workwear for 40 years. It all started when the founder went home in anger and drew his own work clothes when no one wanted to listen to his ideas. The pace of product development has always been high but built on the same foundation: innovative work wear making the job simpler, safer and more productive for hard working craftsmen in all of Europe.

The autumn of 2016 was another step in the development: integrating wearable technology in the collection. In line with the Snicker's mission to explore the future. Sitrus helped them to communicate the news via a film that both shows the benefits of wearable tech, how it works as well as presenting the people behind the clothing.

We wished to strengthen the innovative position of Snickers and at the same time demonstrate that everything they do is based on the reality of the workers.” – Måns Lindhagen, Copywriter.

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