When it comes to content, one of its most provocative forms often pops up when you least expect it… street art.

An uncensored form of expression, street art is often defined as existing ‘outside of the context of traditional art venues.’

At Sitrus, we see content as not being restricted to any one form, channel, or framework. Content is agile and free-flowing, and it paints a picture of a story we want to tell.

Inspiration is part of our daily lives, and I often find myself being inspired by dozens of different interpretations of what we often categorize as content. There is no longer the ‘right place’ or ‘right type’ of expression that everyone abides by – it’s a new world of creative manifestation.

A blank wall in the office allowed me to bring some of the global sources of inspiration I’ve walked past over the years into our very own working space.

The theme was a combination of our own discussions on where we see our work progressing and our experiences developing new and innovative ways of shaping our strategic work.

The idea of outer space and planes unknown sums up how far our industry has come in terms of understanding how content and communication work. Our curiosity and spirit of adventure allow us to explore new possibilities and discover new ways to be creative every day. We are proud to be doing things differently, planting the flag on new terrain.

If you want to hear more about what Pixie Sartang and Sitrus have to offer regarding content in the new communications landscape, register here for Super Content Marketing on April 21, 2016 in Stockholm, or here for Internet i Fokus in Malmö on April 12, 2016.